Friday, September 07, 2007


are great! I love short weeks. Although when you are really busy at work it's hard. I've been getting ready for the holidays with ordering and the trade show that is coming up so I've been really scarce here. I'm sure my blogs are boring and just routine lately! My asst has had a setback from some serious issues and now is going to be taking a leave of absence for 10 weeks, of course timing couldn't be worse! ack. So I'm back to training first thing Monday morning.

The weekend is going to be wicked hot and maybe we'll end up getting some much needed rain in the second half of it though. We have the activities starting up again, I'm sure I've been ranting lately about them. I'm missing out on some good events the evening's before because I have to get up early, way I'm a baby about my sleep, I need it! So I am forgoing tonights activities in lieu of having to wake up at 6am

Tomorrow night is a birthday party so that should be fun and Sunday I'm doing the American Heart Walk...also tomorrow is the first football game of the season for my oldest ds...his senior year and I'm so proud of him!

So I'll have a little sun and lots of fun this weekend I hope you do too!

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Melanie said...

Busy weekends can be kind of crazy. I have managed to catch a cold so I am working on little sleep as well. We have already had 3 games and won them all. Yeah! My oldest is a senior this year as well. We are in the process of buying senior pics. Expensive!!