Thursday, September 20, 2007

10 months out

and everything has been great. I say this coming off a very bad night though, but overall the journey has been without any major problems. I weighed in this a.m. at 150.5 from 256.4 the day of surgery. So in the grand scheme of things 105.9 lb in 10 months is a great weight loss for any WLS patient. I am feeling great, have gotten off of all my meds (which were many) and my knees feel great, I feel great. I'm exercising like a fiend, which is the total opposite of myself one year ago today!! One year ago on my blog I attended my first Nutrition class, I was at a crossroads in my relationship with dh and was celebrating me, because I had taken the first steps to a new me!! Right now, writing this blog that part of my life seems like a lifetime ago and not merely a year ago. DH and I are actively in therapy (and it's still going great), I've had my surgery, making progress on the new me, introduced many new things into my life and have literally taken it back from the demons who were there trying to destroy it! I want to shout from the mountaintops that YES you can take it back and make the positive changes if you want to! My kids tell me when I pull out a old picture of me, "I don't remember you like that" it's an amazing feeling.

I have been one of the fortunate ones also, I can eat almost anything I want to. Meaning small quantities of sugars, low carbs and lots of protein and veggies. I love to eat again, things taste good to me, even if it is just one bite! Carbs in bulk do make me feel yucky in a sluggish, bloated kind of way, which is a good reminder that they are not your friend but only in moderation. I don't tempt myself with sweets like candy, cookies and things of that nature but other than that most foods are ok. Now I have to say this as a person who 98% of the time has no side effects from eating, food does not get stuck, no issues with foamies or feeling sick when I eat, but last night out of left field I was sitting down to watch a show I DVR'd...well about 10 minutes into the show bam it hits...I was feeling weak, heart racing a bit, and tired set in (this is my usual side effect) I did feel like I could throwup at any time (sorry TMI) but I never ended up doing I was sitting there I was rewinding through the day and when and what I ate throughout to see if I could pinpoint a trigger food. Well needless to say nothing was new (although we had wheat spaghetti w/sausage which we haven't done in a while) and I usually load up on meat and eat a few strands or noodles of the all in all I had to say the culprit was that...well I turned off the show, immediately changed for bed and went to lie down...ended up waking up this a.m. refreshed and ready to start the day, but what a bummer. I will tell you the tool still works well for you if you choose to use it wisely. I know I won't be tempted on the spaghetti noodle for a while (unfortunately that's how it goes for me) but I will be eating sensibly today and getting right back on the wagon. So it is a lifelong thing, for those who think it may pass you by, now granted not everyone has these episodes and for some you can eat anything and never get sick, but I'm grateful that my tool does work and let's me know to check myself at the door now and again...

So 10 months out and I am celebrating me! I live my life everyday and take what I can from it, it's an exciting thing to be out there and living like a normal person, I seem to blend into crowds or get nods and smiles from those I do not know. They see me as a regular person, not a formerly obese person. It's the greatest feeling in the world and asked if I would do it again I would say "In a New York second"

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Turtle_gurl said...

Congrats!!! I am right behind you. I am 1 month from WLS, You are an inspiration