Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th

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Unfortunatley for me today is not a recognized holiday for work, so here I am....I do get to use it as a floater though and love it when Turkey day rolls around and everyone works the day after but ME!!

Doing pretty darn good with my food and exercise, have fought and hopefully beat that dreaded carb monster for the moment at least. It's always in my mind though. Last night I stocked up on some great berries and made a beautiful salad out of it that I will top with a ricotta cheese mixture flavored with splenda and vanilla....added a few slivered almonds and breakfast...viola... I can't wait to have it in a bit. Right now I'm having coffee to kick start my day a bit and then we'll move on.

No special plans for this holiday, and it is raining so not too sure about the fireworks for tonight either. So all in all it seems like just a regular ole day to me!

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