Thursday, July 05, 2007


I think someone once told me that God made friends to make up for having family!! It's a pun supposed to be taken that way, but sheesh sometimes I feel like I have the most mixed up family in the world! I have one brother, who for the most part since he was married in 99 does not spend anytime, via phone, visits or whatsoever with our immediate family (with the exception of our mother when he needs a babysitter) in the past 7 1/2 years. He claims he CANNOT speak with our father, nor does he call me, or my other two sisters at all. So here's why this is remarkable to me. My youngest sister is getting married in Oct, in Greece. Of all the immediate family that could be in attendance my mother and him are going to be the only two. I have work, which unfortunately has a rule that allows no vacation from Oct through Dec 31st. Weird as it sounds you miss a day you feel like you miss a month! My other sister has a store she owns which she and her husband almost run solo now and can't get away, my father does not wish to see the mother therefore he won't go. So that leaves brother and mother to go which is totally fine with me, although there is a little nag in me wishing I could also be there. You see my youngest sister and I are very close, we are 6 days short of 11years apart in age but are as close as twins could be, we look alike, think alike, finish one another's sentances...ok so you get the idea, plus the whole idea of spending a week in Greece sounds absolutely divine to me. I'd love to ramble among the rocks, I mean ruins that made up ancient Greece and learn a little about the world out there. But alas I will make my journey, hopefully, next spring. So the disfunctiality of my family lives on and who knows what craziness will happen next.

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