Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ding Dong

the weight is finally gone. I've broken the plateau officially. Six weeks of bobbling back and forth between 170 and 172 and now I'm 168....two days in a row. I've conquered the demons and am marching forward again in my procession. Of course during this plateau I was losing inches still as I was measuring and the clothes were definitely getting looser still.

I took an extended weekend off, relaxing with the boys and dh at the beach, had a big amount of car trouble (tow, fixed and more $$ that I don't have to pay for it all) but we are back on track. It was nice and albeit short, much needed.

So today I have alot of work to catch up on and get ready for the big buys coming at the end of the week.

So I am learning that perserverance has big rewards. Before I never would have made it this far. I'm learning and it feels good!


Leah said...

Way to go! Way to stay with it and persevere - I could use some of that lesson, myself!

(I also had to dish out for car trouble this weekend. sigh.)

Anyway, congrats! You're doing so well.

Michelle said...

Thanks Leah, like I said before I don't know if I had not had this surgery if I would have lasted the six weeks, I'm sure I would have dumped the diet and gone back to eating crap...