Saturday, May 19, 2007

Times are changing

Today I was up and out the door to get my blood drawn for my six month checkup next week. Hopefully everything comes back in good shape. Also, took ds2 to see Spiderman 3. I figured the hype was past and everyone wants to see Shrek so we were in the clear. I liked the movie, more than I thought I would. DH and I are here, not doing things together but surviving around one another right now. It's amazing to me how selfish both of us are being at this time, but it's making the weekend more tolerable right now. We are both stubborn beyond belief. Unfortunately this is not our first test in our marriage, but at this point it may be the last. We are moving in different directions with different goals in our he so kindly put it this morning to me. He loves me but doesn't know me anymore. Have I changed that much? Outwardly I would say yes, inwardly I would say no, but maybe I am changing. I called my psyche doctor up and he's seeing me next week, we will chat and see what's going on. Couples therapy isn't going to happen, since he won't go :( I'm very saddened by this but it is what it is.

It's cold and rainy now, so I'm off to rest and relax and then start over with something new tomorrow. Hopefully some good walking weather, I need a good long walk...

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