Friday, October 06, 2006


I never wanted to become one of those mother's who ran their kids to death with sports and after school activities, but this year it seems to me that I've bit off more than I can chew right now. I have one who is playing Varsity and JV football, so that requires 5 day a week practice on top of the two games a week he attends and plays in. So all in all we are running 6 days for him. They the other one has afterschool everyday and then Sat morning bowling. UGH is all I can say right now. Tonight is a Friday Night Lights game away, it doesn't start until 7pm and that means we'll be home around 11 -11:30pm tonight. Then I am up again tomorrow at 7am so we can be at bowling at 8:30. After that I have my weekend "free" as they say but then I have wash, cleaning and groceries to do. I feel like I'm just too spread thin some days!

Then tomorrow after bowling we will get home around noonish and he will want to go out and eat or "do" something, I will be thoroughly exhausted and forget it. Then he whines, you never want to do anything, well help me for pete's sake. Right now there are clothes in the dryer, clean dishes in the washer and the sink is full of dirty ones. I am one person and cannot do everything! Repeat, cannot do everything. I have the oldest ds down there routing through clothes to get "what he needs" and is too much of a hurry to bring up the rest of them. So they sit and will remain there until I get around to it.

Seems like this post is turning into a bit of a bitch session, but it's my blog, if I want to bitch then I will damnit!! lol

So the big news for the weekend around our parts is TO is coming back to town to play his old team. Whoppee is what I say about it. Granted he is a good player but everything else he does and says who cares, I'm just plain sick of it. I hope the Eagles putting a pounding on the Cowgirls and send them home with their tails between their legs. Speaking of football, I would love to see another Bears game televised. Although they are usually few and far between they have a great team this year, really seem to be jelling and if things continue, I can see them going all the way to the Super Bowl. Good luck Bears!!

Oh and wls news, well I received a call from the doc's office Wed night, they indicated that they will be in network (for insurance purposes) through 12/15 right now. So they scheduled my EGD test 10/23 and now I have to complete everything and get the surgery done sooner than I wanted. No problem with me, maybe with work, but it will have to do. I want this done and don't want to loose my opportunity since the insurance is up in the air. Once I have it, I will worry about everything else later.

So I'm off now, to try and enjoy the blaance of this rainy Friday. Hopefully things will run smoother than I expect this weekend.


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