Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Another rainy day.........

Does it feel like a Monday or what!! Well today, the first day after Labor Day is rainy again. It's depressing sometimes with all the rain even though we need it immensely. Anyhow the weekend turned out alot better than planned with the tropical storm Ernesto rolling in on Friday and part of Sat. The only problem is I got NO sleep Friday night with the wind!! Saturday was gray and drizzly late in the day so no real things were accomplished. Sunday, well I got the dining room cleaned out and I mean it's clean!! I vacuumed and the clothes washer broke. The stupid landlord says she doesn't think she has to replace it so there!! I will buy a new one and keep it when I move on!! Anyhow, I got a dishwasher, after three years of scrubbing dishes by hand it's a godsend for me!! No more washing all the dishes by hand!! yippee.... Football is running our life right now, practice on Friday (kids off) and Monday, ok it's a holiday! anyhow, it's all for the good of the children, right! But who wants to get up at 7am on a holiday Monday. The clouds rolled in yesterday afternoon as I was grilling and viola back in the rainy mode we are!

Today was relatively smooth in the morning with the kids, I guess the last week of getting up early and getting off to school has them back in the the mode already!! thank god I didn't feel like dealing with that! I can't wait for my first doc appt it's this Friday and we will get the ball rolling once and for all with this weight!! Hopefully the weight is over..lol


well a little update since this a.m. I was reading up on OH board that my insurance has decided to pay less than the required costs for the surgery, so now I'm not sure where I stand, maybe I won't be able to go through with this? Maybe I will, I won't know more until Friday, but it always seems so unfair to me. Oh well, another day in paradise right!


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