Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tired and a busy day today....

We are going to venture out to Separation Day, it's celebrated here in Delaware prior to the 4th of July declaring our independence. There will be vendors, people dressed in all types of civil war clothes and reanactments. It's not the best day out but a nice day for a stroll down by the river!

Then the jazz festival in town (weather permitting)!! I love a good jazz festival and they put on a fabulous free show!

Why am I tired, because my guy and I stayed up all hours of the night talking on the phone, one more week! I finally got to bed at 5am. sheesh I'm beat!! I will sleep good tonight.

Another dear friends mom passed yesterday morning. He was with her and she literally died in his arms, my heart went out to him in his time of grief. Another positive, wonderful women has been taken by cancer (Leukemia) and now he has to pick up the pieces of his life (there is no family left) and start over. He's had not the best life, but is such a positive and wonderful person, please say a prayer for him today and for his mom who is looking down from heaven on him!

So I'm off to the shower, get moving and enjoy this day....trying to keep busy!

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