Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thankful for a day of sun...........

it made such a difference for me. Me and my youngest ventured out to Elk Neck State Park, it is one of my favorites around, we did the hike took a different trail and got so I ended up having to climb about 100 feet upward almost vertical to the next trail. But I did it and I felt so darned accomplished!!! I can't tell you the feeling of euphoria when I reached the peak. It's amazing because I know a few short years ago this would have been IMPOSSIBLE! So today I have conquered yet again another milestone!! yeah

I found out this a.m. that my guy does not have to go to Kuwait, it was a possibility that totally caught me off guard and unprepared...5 more days he is home!

So I leave the weekend, 1/2 rain and 1/2 wonderful and am going to bed!!!

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