Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Boy it's been a few days since I've been here, the weekend was glorious although we hopped right into summer with 90+ degree weather since Friday! I'm not complaining and was able to get quite a lot done at the home and still have fun and play. Sunday night M and I went on a date, what a disaster that was. I'm sure that will not be repeated. Friday I fly out again, can't wait and we have a bday celebration weekend planned. Suprises in store for him!

I'm exercising again steadily, I'm very excited about that. Also, eating is going well, grazing is being cut back to a minimum and keep the junk at bay. Spring and summer I find this to be easy to do and winter (well not so much).

I have alot to finish for today to leave on time, hopefully tonight I'll be back with more

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Laurie said...

I always do better in the warmer months too.. Congrats on getting back into exercising steadily and cutting down on the grazing.. I'm working on the same thing, and trying to get back into drinking water like I should.