Sunday, April 19, 2009

another busy weekend

The weekends are starting to feel like my weeks. Being the good daughter I am, we (me and son and gf) went down to the shore on Friday night after I got some things done here at home. I cut the grass,we had dinner and off we went. Sat, a fun filled day of removing branches from four big trees that were cut down, followed but a much more fun at the shore with the kids roaming the shops while I sat out in the sun. Well what I didnt' realize is the sun was pretty strong that day, so I was pretty well toasted, considering I'm fair skinned. I had a good time, listening to the waves lap at the shore then the long ok so long drive home. The kids watched a movie and Matt and I met up originally for Ritas...but ended up having Vinnies was a short date, but damn he's ok enough of that..

I am off to surprise S on the 1st of May, a big surprise I'm flying down for ourbirthday's since they are only a week apart, and well I didn't feel right leaving the kids on mother's day weekend, even though they leave me all the time now :( The part of them getting older that I am not quite getting used to anyhow....I am excited and wondering what our future holds for us. We've been talking a bit about and maybe there will be changes for me....who knows. I do like him alot and it's been like forever, I wathnt to find the one who will give me the happily forever after...I hope that maybe he is it......and we are just living in different states. we'll see.

Anyhow, the weekend is over, rain is back and cold weather, I for one hate the northeast and how the weather changes so quick from nice to't say I didn't tell you so if you visit this time of year!

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