Monday, February 09, 2009

the last hurrah

So this is the last blog you will see from me for like over a week. I'm almost packed and ready to go.. I'm so as I know it will change with this trip. More than anyone can fathom, even me. I am going to have fun, enjoy, drink, eat and be merry...

Now that is no way for a WLS patient to act!!!!!!!


Have fun I will miss you all hopefully catch up soon

P.S. leaving you all here's weight 134


Janine said...

Have a fantastic trip - so envious. I would love to do a cruise. Hope it is all you wish for and can't wait to hear of your travels.

Susy said...

cant wait to see the pics! Go have a blast- remember the skinny girl in you is diying to get out and have fun. It's time! :)