Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things have been busy

and my computer crashed in the midst of it all. Here's a quickie of what's going on in life...

I have ended my friendship/whatever you may want to call it with's over
I never wanted to date again...
My dad set me up on a semi blind date for this Sat....hmmmm(so much for never dating again)
My friends from TN are in town tonight through Sunday, I can't wait to hang out with the guys!!!
I spent last weekend in Annapolis, alone, by myself enjoying the peace and serenity
I love going to the Y now, I'm really getting pumped
I'm eating much healthier
I'm getting muscles!!
I can't believe it's almost fall...I love the season change but that's it
I am enjoying my life again
I am working and putting myself outside the box so to speak of comfort level with some degree of success
oh and I'm officially divorced now!

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