Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another hard session

Tonight was another hard session at therapy, I'm wiped emotionally. I took a long, long walk afterwards at the river because I just needed to clear my head, it always helps to be at the water.

My one gf texted me to go out tomorrow, I think i may, I need a little distraction from this week, it's been long and hard. K called, wanted me to take off tomorrow, but I can't I have work I have to get done. First Friday in a long, long I miss him, but I still don't think he misses me the same....and tomorrow is boys are both home and I'm glad they are, but man my house is a disaster also!!!

Till later......


Susy said...

HUGS my friend... this is all part of your journey. You will be a stronger mom, friend, lover. All around more healthy. I'm proud of you for looking and moving forward.

Take care of you!

Susy :)

Alex Costa - said...

Geez it's hard to give any advice when someone is passing through difficult times.
About the diet, maybe you shouldn't focus in losing weight but just peaking healthier choices and after when you get better and you fill that you get your emotions in control you could go back to your diet.
Going into a diet it's already really hard and when you have those issues becomes 10 times harder.
Take care.