Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday, sunday

It's another hot one here kids. The heat indices yesterday I believe had us around 105 today it's supposed to get to 110. How fun, 95 plus degrees and humidity....does a number on ones appearance for a date tonight.

Hmm you say, a date tonight, sure why not. It's a harmless dinner and drink....nothing gained nothing lost. Besides I've known this guy for a while, he's been asking me out regularly and well today I caved and said yes.

So I'm headed down my gf house so she can straighten my hair....hopefully it stays that way...and well hang out with the kidtill dinner. I did manage to wash the car and clean up the house somewhat today also, plus I got in a mile and 1/2 walk plus my ab workout on the balance ball and it's only 10 of 2, not to shabby for a Sunday.

Until tomorrow......


Susy said...

You can send a bit of that heat our way. Thanks for the sweet comments and add with Yahoo. Hope to catch you on sometime so we can chat. Have a great time tonight and try to have some smiles! You deserve it Michelle! I've miss ya! Be good!

Scott said...

Keep the heat up your way! It was 95 today in Nashville and thats hot enough for me! Have fun on your date! Keep smiling!