Saturday, June 07, 2008

It's over

He has packed and left. I am truly amazed that through the process, even though it was short, I was not sad at all. No tears shed, so that tells me in my heart that is was already over. Sad that it is. He was verbally very mean, I too shall overcome that, because I know deep down I am not a mean, cold person. Sometimes people are just too different. Their differences do not mesh therefore they do not belong together. That is why they call it dating. Funny thing he said on the way out "Never call me again" while the whole time we were seeing one another he was like "Even if it doesn't work out, we'll always be friends". How quickly a leopard changes his spots.

So now I'm off to another chapter in my life. Once again, I feel freer than before, it's all a learning process.

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Leah said...

*sigh* Hard stuff. Good for you to be true to yourself! Hold out for someone who treats you right. Accepting abuse (verbal, emotional, physical) is NEVER ok - and unfortunately, they DON'T CHANGE.

Good for you to let it go.

Take care - thanks for posting!