Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I'm checking in really quick, Hell's kitchen is on....love, love, love that show.

AI - watched wasn't overly impressed with any of them this week maybe because it was Neil Diamond week...I don't know

It's only Tuesday - gah

I have no clothes to wear that I want to...I need to shop

I need new shoes

I want it all, and have no money

I have the most amazing bf in the world.....

My grandma is settling into assisted living, at 96 she's a rockstar in my life

My mom is getting ready for the big greek wedding!

I love my boys - both no matter what they do...

My oldest graduates in four weeks and is going to his prom in two weeks!!

My baby is going to be 18 this year!!

I'm wearing size 6, down from 10-12 this time last year

My stomach is so gassy!! I hate carbs they don't work with me at all!!

I'm tired for no apparent reason....my anemia must be gaining speed again

I have a busy May and it's going to be my bday

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Susy said...

Phew... i understand why your so tired by reading your blog. Take care.