Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Post nasal drip

I feel like my nose and sinus would like to just fall out of my head. I am exercising but definitely on a more limited means than I would like to. I just can't seem to shake this cold, today I actually feel disconnected and it's feeling worse not better. Got up and did my weights workout, made me feel really good, but overall I feel like crap. I am going to run at lunch again, woot....this is what it is about, the exercise and adrenaline pumping through my body. I'm actually really excited to work out today, even though I feel like crap.

The youngest boy is home sick again, school called yesterday and I had to dash out early and get him, he's home with this crap also, this winter has definitely been one for colds circling round and round in home. Even after all the cleaning and sanitizing we are just not shaking this cold.

The oldest so far has not succumbed to the crap, but I'm sure him in bed at 7pm was a sign of things to come for him...lol

So I'm sniffling, stuffy and overall congested but feeling alot better...lol

The upside, today is supposed to get up near 70, which is just a perfect temp that I wouldn't mind if it stayed around all year long, but alas it will end shortly and well we will be back in the throes of winter here....hopefully we can keep it mild and coast through the next two and a half months....

STBXH called to say he might get laid off, he's crying and crying about it, I said why do you care now all of a sudden, last year you were laid off for 8 months and it never bothered you, his answer...You were working. What a slap in the face to realize again what an idiot I have been to just carry this fool on my coattails all these years....anyhow that's life and lesson learned.

Off to enjoy what little sunlight we have and get my Vit D fix. :)

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Susy said...

Aww Sunshine! That would be nice. It's raining here, no it's pouring here AGAIN. Enjoy the sunshine and soak some sunshine up for me. :)