Thursday, November 29, 2007

STBXH has jumped over the edge

Last night was the cum laude of the performance he's been giving us all week, he pushed his way in the door while dropping off ds2, he proceeds to berate me and be beligerant, oh the names and things he called me, all the while ds2 is within earshot of this. I asked him three times to leave, he won't so I called. Yep 911, you are so out of here I don't need this from you anymore, well right before the locals came, he was outta there. They took the report and left. I talked to ds2 well not only did he hear what his father said and how he said it but he also had an earful over at his house, my poor little boy, his father is completely flipped his lid in my opinion. He was tearful and very, very sorry for telling his father things, which totally got flipped around and out of control. He saw his father for the first time wearing his true stripes and the way he is towards me last night. Something I never wanted him to see but it's done, the damage is there and we are moving on. DS2 and I had a long, long talk last night, he is a little boy and this is just no necessary but it has happened. So we've turned the point, rounded the bend or whatever you want to say, ds2 has changed his attitude and tune at home, I'm so grateful although the expense on which this has happened is anything but pleasant.

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Leah said...

All children want to see their parents as infallible. It's so hard!

I hope this incident (as awful as it was!!!) really helps.

You are a wonderfullly strong woman to get the gumption to do waht needed to be done and sticking with it!