Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend recap

Wow I've been busy, almost too busy to stop by here!! lol The weekend was a beautiful, wonderful blur. I actually only logged about 10 hours of sleep between Friday morning and Sunday morning. By late Sunday I was feeling the effects. Friday night we went out dancing, saw my friends band and had a wonderful time. I met a great man, who is in fact taking me out to dinner Friday night. I know, I know, it's fast, but he's a nice guy and well he's leaving in a month, so I'm not looking for any long term commitment anyhow. Saturday was homecoming, we lost by 2pts, it was so close and what a great game played by both teams. Sat afternoon was chores and shopping, I was able to find some really great deals on fall and winter clothing and I took advantage of it to the hilt, I'm very proud of the nice little wardrobe I've been able to assemble in these purchases! Sat night was a friends party, then I went out with my gf to meet her new man. I felt like the third wheel but it was a fun night. Homecoming dance was also that night and my son looked so handsome. Here's a pic of us:

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Sunday was football and cleaning and wash...I was tired but managed to get to bed at a decent hour.

Exercised both days so that in itself was a plus!!

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Incredible Me said...

Wow you look so happy, and your son is so handsome. Though honestly you are way too young looking to have a son in HS.

I can't wait to hear the details on date night! I'm sure you got a really cute outfit to wear while out shopping just for this occassion!