Thursday, September 13, 2007

My baby is 13 today

It's incredible for me to believe that my baby is 13 years old today! Where does the time go, it seems like yesterday I was lying on the table having him taken by c-section. He was so tiny at almost 6lb and such light sleeper. I remember that first year so vividly, he never slept more than 5 hours at night and by three months along stopped taking afternoon naps, at 6 months stopped all naps, it was the beginning of learning about ADHD and how it affects some children differently than others! He is now 5'5 and weighs in around 120, he's happy, well balanced and for the most part a great kid! (they all have their moments ya know what I mean moms) and I'm so proud of him. He struggles to get things done academically, but he's a natural artist. He's such a joy and pleasure to have around! I love you my son and Happy Birthday!

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Melanie said...

Happy 13th to your son. He's officially a teenager. Good luck Mom!! At least you have some experience with that already to help you with this one. My baby girl started high school this year. It was a big mile stone that's for sure.