Friday, July 27, 2007


I'm am seriously exhausted this a.m. I didn't want to get up, nor did I stay up late. I made myself exercise, which was half assed at best this a.m. It's horrible. I have a headache and my nose is all stuffy....I'm am turning into that whiney crybaby that I hate!! WAHHHHHHH

Enough of that it is Friday! I'm so darned happy. Tonight the boys and I are doing something, what I have no idea as I've left it up to them. Tomorrow I still have no idea but the weather looks like it may cooperate a tad more than I originally thought so maybe the shore is not out of the question, we'll see. I would love to sit by the beach and vege for a bit...I really need it. Sometime I do have to grocery shop as I am running out of everything and clean and do wash...yuck and double yuck. I wish I could afford someone to come in a do all of this stuff which I hate. Maybe someday when I win the lottery :)

On another note the asst has been a royal PIA the last few days...The new one starts Monday so they will have a week of overlap, how I wish that would change but alas it's not. I have to deal with it, hopefully he won't snark his way through next week, because I will surely have something to say about that, sorry you are so perfect that you can't even file!! What a story that one is...he was asked to put away last fiscal filing, so it appeared that he literally grabbed handfuls of folders and dumped them any which way into a filing box and put them away...WTF is that, I was out looking for something yesterday and opened the box what a disaster. So when asked to correct this he apologizes and states this "my IQ is so darn high that I don't even realize when I mess up the simplest thing" what is that?? I am still perplexed...but anyhow that honeymoon is over and moving on...

So I hope to have an enjoyable weekend and we'll see you all on the flip side.

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